Transform Your Life: Zrii Purify

Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life! PURIFY goes above and beyond other cleanse programs. Most cleanses use harsh diuretics and artificial chemicals. PURIFY uses a gentle blend of Ayurveda herbs to help extract and eliminate toxins built up inside cells.      


Lose 10 Lbs in 10 Days!

Lose 10 Lbs in 10 Days A Daily Menu That’s Easy to Follow…Just 1-2-3 Morning Mid-Day Evening Nutriiveda Achieve Shake Sensible Meal Nutriiveda Achieve Shake Supplement with: Snack: 1 NutriiVeda Accell metabolic boost beverage (optional) Plenty of water Supplement with: Snack: 1 NutriiVeda Accell metabolic boost beverage (optional) Plenty of water Supplement with: 2 oz…. [Continue Reading]

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NutriiVeda Experience

Transform your body, transform your life. Join the NutriiVeda Transformation challenge and experience the difference. From a shopping spree in LA to a professional makeover and photo shoot your transformation will land you a place in the spotlight! Couple that with an Apple iPad and call yourself a winner. Click here and start your transformation… [Continue Reading]

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Mary L–lost 33 lbs in 12 wks

I am 57 years old. NutriiVeda has allowed me to lose a total of 79 lbs so far. It has controlled my sugar and carbohydrate cravings and burns fat. I feel and look spectacular with an abundance of energy. If you truly want to lose weight, start today with NutriiVeda. If I can do it,… [Continue Reading]

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Matt Allmen–Lost 33 lbs in 12 wks

For nearly 10 years I was unable to get a grip on constant weight gain. I would lose, then gain more weight right back. It was devastating to me mentally and physically. I got to the point where I didn’t even like myself much anymore. I was introduced to NuriiVeda through a friend and it changed everything! 12 weeks later I was in amazing shape AND most importantly I liked myself again! Heck, “like myself again” is an understatement….I’M AWESOME!

NutriiVeda Slimdown Challenge